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All the ingredients used in the Froottree kitchen are as fresh as possible.  Many people are unaware that Caribbean food has a variety of healthy options that we will feature each month in a speciality dish.

The benefits of Okra for Stress and Diabetes

Did you know that this vegetable has numerous benefits if eaten in a healthy diet?

It has numerous qualities that many people are not aware of

  • It contains potassium, vitamin B, vitamin C

  • It can lower cholesterol

  • Roasted okra seeds have long been used in Turkey to treat diabetes

  • The okra seeds also have an antioxidant that relieves stress, managing stress is an important part of managing diabetes

  • It also lowers cholesterol


For All those gym buddies working out Okra can also assist with your recovery and fatigue levels allowing you to work out longer and recover quicker


Why not try our special vegetable side dish of okra and mushroom this week add it too your regular order for an explosion of flavour.



We are always designing our menus to cater for all tastes.

We enjoy mixing and matching flavours to bring tasty plant based options.

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